Setting up Warwick Gardens & launching Edible Bury Park

The article below was written by Abdul Ghafoor and the original is available here. On Saturday 5th September, we gathered a group of 15 residents and volunteers to clean, dig and plant at the disused Warwick road raised bed – a notorious fly-tipping and drugs hotspot. After clearing glass and debris amassed over the years,Continue reading “Setting up Warwick Gardens & launching Edible Bury Park”

Community groups lead drive to create new food gardens

Luton residents are taking to the street to create new community gardens around the town. As part of the Luton Food Plan, a network of organisations and community groups have been developing publicly accessible garden sites and growing fruit, vegetables and bee-friendly plants. Following the successes of gardening projects run by groups like Groundwork, PenroseContinue reading “Community groups lead drive to create new food gardens”