Community groups lead drive to create new food gardens

Luton residents are taking to the street to create new community gardens around the town. As part of the Luton Food Plan, a network of organisations and community groups have been developing publicly accessible garden sites and growing fruit, vegetables and bee-friendly plants. Following the successes of gardening projects run by groups like Groundwork, PenroseContinue reading “Community groups lead drive to create new food gardens”

Fruit tree pruning workshop

With a growing number of community orchards in Luton, it’s a good time to skill up and learn how to care for our fruit trees. There will be a fruit tree pruning workshop on Saturday the 22nd February at the Stockingstone Rd Allotments. Tree expert Colin Carpenter will explain and demonstrate pruning techniques, and thenContinue reading “Fruit tree pruning workshop”

Garden the streets of Luton!

Luton Council is inviting local groups to grow fruit, vegetables and bee-friendly plants on public land. The scheme, called ‘Garden the Town’, launched this month and offers a simple application process for people wanting to transform council-owned land around them into vibrant public gardens. Help is also available with how to get started, and evenContinue reading “Garden the streets of Luton!”