Garden the Town

Is there a planter or small piece of land that you or your community group would like to set up as a community garden? Garden the Town is a Luton Council scheme to release unused patches of land to local residents’ groups to create community gardens.

How does it work?

​​As you may have seen new community gardens have been springing up all across Luton. As part of the Luton Food Plan, a network of organisations and community groups have been developing publicly accessible garden sites and growing fruit, vegetables and bee-friendly plants.

How to apply:

Visit Luton Council’s website here to apply!

Who can apply?

Anyone in Luton is able to request to take part in this, though there needs to be a constituted group responsible (such as a residents association, local place of worship, primary school etc). If there is a planter or a piece of land in your area that you would like to take over we want to hear from you.

It is not currently open to individuals, but there are lots of volunteering opportunities with existing projects. You can also apply to the council for an allotment if that would suit your needs better.