Edible High Town

Volunteer gardeners meet every Friday morning at 10:30am at the Peace Garden in High Town to garden the plots around High Town.

We are delighted to have been awarded funding by The Lottery’s Community Fund until the end of 2021. This is enabling us to run the weekly gardening sessions, workshops and other sessions.

Since our inception in September 2016 we have helped create 7 pocket gardens around High Town as well as some other small patches. Please look at the map for the sites each of these is located. We have helped to plant and care for the People’s Park Community Orchard. We have given away hundreds of potatoes, herbs, fruit, artichokes and salad leaves. We are working with local residents who have taken over some of the plots to grow their own herbs and leaves. We also partner with NOAH whose ESOL and gardening group use the plots around High Town.

Now we are moving toward creating ‘pick-your-own’ sites that are managed by a small network of groups including the Friday morning gardening group.


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